Usefull Cobble Mod - Download Mods 1.16.5,1.15.2

Usefull Cobble Mod - Download Mods 1.16.5,1.15.2

Usefull Cobble Mod for Minecraft gives something to do with all of the cobblestone that you gather when looking for the valuable resources. We all know what it is like to acumulate huge amounts of cobblestone when you are mining for resources. Then you have a whole room full of chests full of cobblestone. Maybe you try and build with it, or just throw it away in a lava pit. Usefull Cobble Mod fixes all of that. You can turn that cobblestone into valuable resources. Usefull_Cobble Now Uses Forge and FML. ModLoader Will NOT Work Anymore Usefull Cobble Mod Recipes: Basic Recipes [spoiler]The first thing that you will need to make is Magic Powder. The next item that you need to craft is called a Grinding Stone Grinding Stones take 3 steps to make. 1. Make a rough or unfinished Grinding Stone 2.Next to you need to cover it in Magic Powder. This will help to give the stone it fine grinding edge, and also make it impervious to erosion. This is known as a Magic Embued Grinding Stone 3.Finally you have to smelt it, to seal in the Magic Powder, and to give it a nice finish. Now that you have a Grinding Stone, you are ready to make some powders. The first and most basic powder is the Cobblestone Powder, it can be obtained 2 ways. The second powder that you are going to need is Obsidian Powder. It is a little harder to make, because Obsidian is such a hard material. The extra Magic Powder help to soften the Obsidian so that it can be ground. Next is the Netherrack Powder. It's primary use is as a fuel source, becuase it burns for such a long time, but it can also be used in certain recipes. Finally there is Endstone Powder. It cannot yet be used for anything, but there are great prospects for this off-white pile of dust. The recipe may seem strange because it is upside down. This was unintentional and will be fixed in the next update. There are also a a couple of compound powders. These are created by combining certain powders and other ingredients. They are harder to make, but are also used for more powerful. First is Lava Powder. This may sound weird, but it is created by combining hot lava and cobblestone, partially melting the Cobblestone Powder, and partially cooling the Lava. The other compound powder is called Blast Powder. It is a very volitile substance that is used to create certain magical explosives. [/spoiler] Mineral Recipes [spoiler]Here are the recipes used to make the more valuable materials. Make sure that you check the recipes above, or else these won't help you at all. Iron Powder Recipe Now just take the Iron Powder and Smelt it like this. Gold Powder Recipe Now take the Gold Powder and smelt it. Purified Iron Powder Purified Iron Ingot Magic Iron Powder Magic Iron Ingot Blast Iron Powder Blast Iron Ingot Black Iron Powder Black Iron GlowStone Powder Recipe Lapis Lazuli A couple of other, less valuable items can be obtained through magical means as well. Namely Coal, and Flint, Here are the recipes for that. I've also added 2 recipes to create dirt. This may seem like a useless thing to put in, but I'm working on a Skyblock type map, and this seemed like a good idea for that. Here is a recipe to craft Grass blocks. Now you can have grass anywhere you want, without needing to be near grass to allow it to spread.[/spoiler] Plant Recipes [spoiler]These Recipes allow you to turn regular wheat seeds into other types of seeds. Pumpkin Seeds Melon Seeds Brown Mushroom Red Mushroom Cactus Sugar Cane Carrots Potatoes [/spoiler] Advanced Recipes [spoiler]Here are the most advanced and resource consuming recipes. Material Items Obsidian Blocks Diamond Blood Diamond Staff Blast Orb Right now the Blast Orb actually doesn't do anything because of some bugs that I ran into when adding things in. Tools Bright Wood Tools Bright Wood Pickaxe Bright Wood Sword Bright Wood Axe Bright Wood Shovel Bright Wood Hoe Purified Iron Tools Magic Iron Tools Magic Iron Pickaxe Magic Iron Sword Magic Iron Axe Magic Iron Hoe Magic Iron Shovel Blast Iron Tools Blast Iron Sword The sword has the ability to start fires. Simply right click to start a fire on the spot just like you would with a flint and steel. Blast Iron Shovel This shovel has the ability to turn Cobblestone into Lava. Just a word of warning though, it will deteriorate the condition of the Shovel at 5 times the rate of normal digging. Blast Iron Pickaxe Blast Iron Axe Blast Iron Hoe Black Iron Tools Black Iron Scythe Black Iron PickAxe Black Iron Sword Black Iron Axe Black Iron Shovel Black Iron Hoe Void Iron Tools (Creative Only) Void Iron Pickaxe Void Iron Sword Void Iron Axe Void Iron Shovel Void Iron Hoe Blood Diamond Tools Blood Diamond Pickaxe Blood Diamond Sword Blood Diamond Axe Blood Diamond Shovel Blood Diamond Hoe Golden Bow This works the same as a normal bow, same arrows too, but this bow is much more powerful. Thunder Bow Set This bow has the same strength as the Golden Bow, but shoots a special arrow. Which casts lightning on impact. Thunder Arrow These arrows can only be fired from the Thunder Bow. On impact with the target, whether it is the ground or a mob, it will cause a lightning strike at the point of impact. Magic Crossbow Set Magic Crossbow This is an exetremely powerful weapon. It can kill almost any mob in 1 hit. With it being so strong, it can't fire just regular arrows, or they would break, so you have to craft Bolts. Bolts: These Bolts are made from Purified iron and Magic Iron, fused together with some Magic Powder, which also serves as the fletching. Spears The first thing you need is a glass dagger. Crafted like this. Now, these daggers can be used just like they are, and will 1 hit kill anything except for Endermen, and the Enderdragon, but they break after 6 hits, so if you plan on using them like this I recommend carrying at least 3 at any one time. Next comes the Glass Spear, Crafted like this. These spears are stackable up to 16, and can be used in a couple different ways. Short Range, or Long Range. Short Range: Spears can be used as a melee weapon, and will kill most hostile mobs in about 2 hits. They have a durability of 12 hits, so they can kill about the same number of mobs as a glass dagger, but since the spears are stackable, so you can carry many more of them. Long Range: The spears can also be thrown. When thrown they will do slightly less damage then when used as melee, and have about the same flight speed and drop rate as an arrow shot out of a regular wooden bow. They can also be shot out of a Spear Gun. Lastly there comes the Spear Gun. The Spear Gun is used to fire of Glass Spears at an incredible speed. The spear gun is capable of firing spears at a velocity such that they can kill anything in a single shot (except the Enderdragon of course), and while arrows may be easier to carry(being able to stack to 64), and do almost as much damage, the biggest advantage with the spear gun is that it has the capabilities to rapidly fire spears. Making it much easier to clear large groups of hostile mobs. Death Blade This sword may look strange, but it works. This sword has the strength to kill almost anything in one hit. Thunder Blade A powerful sword, that summons a lightning strike on command. Just right click to fire off a projectile that will cause a lightning strike on impact. !!!Warning: Do Not Use On Creepers. Will Cause Undesired Results!!! Ultimate Thunder Blade A more powerful version of the Thunder Blade. The lava powder infused into he hilt gives the sword extra power, making it last longer and also have a more powerful hit when attacking mobs. WarHammers The WarHammers are powerful weapons that can be used to smash weapons as well as break apart stone materials. Diamond WarHammer Blood Diamond WarHammer Battleaxes The Battleaxes cause slightly more damage to living creatures than the WarHammers, but they cannot be used for mining. They are also capable of chopping wooden materials much faster than an ordinary axe. Diamond Battleaxe Blood Diamond Battleaxe [/spoiler] Magic Crystals [spoiler]First thing, you will need a crafting hammer. Then you can use the crating hammer to smash blocks of glass in shards, which will be used to make magical crystals. The shards will also be used for other things in the future, but for right now, they are just for making magic crystals. Magic Crystal By itself, the Magic Crystal is basically useless, but when combined with certain elements, it can be made to do various things. Fire Crystal From here, you can do 2 things with the Fire Crystal: You can put it on the end of a staff. It can then be used to manipulate the world. With the Fire Staff, you can manipulate the world around you. You can melt cobblestone into lava. You can burn sand into glass right where it sits. And you can melt ice and snow blocks into flowing springs of water. You can also harden the crystal in a furnace, for use in crafting recipes. Here are the different recipes that you can use your hardened Fire Crystal in. Water Crystal Like withe the Fire Crystal, the Water Crystal can be used for 2 different things: First you can make a staff. The water staff, can be used to turn cobblestone into water. Or you can harden the Water Crystal for use as a replacement for a bucket of water in certain recipes. You can use the Hardened Water Crystal as a water source for purifying Iron Powder. Or you can use it to simply fill up a bucket. Flora Crystal From here you have 2 very familiar options You can make a staff The Flora Staff works the same as bonemeal, with 2 distinct differences: The first difference is that the Flora Staff works on Sugar Cane and Cactus, and second, the Flora Staff can be used to turn dirt blocks into grass. Then you can harden the crystal using a furnace. You can use the Hardended Flora Crystal to process lots of plant materials, and accelerate plant growth. There is another secret wood recipe that gives you 4 times as much wood. See if you can figure it out. I know that some people may think that this is cheap, but if you think about it, the amount of resources gathered through this method is no greater than if you were to grow a tree and chop it down or grow wheat and then harvest it. The only difference is that this method is non-renewable. The last 2 recipes I wasn't sure about, so I decided to add them and see what people think. Let me know what you think about them.[/spoiler] Misc Stuff [spoiler]Iron Storage Blocks Purified Iron Block Magic Iron Block Blast Iron Block Black Iron Block Void Iron Block (Creative Only) Magic Powder Storage Magic Brick The Magic Brick is good for nothing other than storing your magic powder and making Magic Blocks. Magic Block Magic Blocks can be placed and will give off the same amount of light as GlowStone. They have pretty good explosion resistance (try blowing some up to see for yourself), and must be broken with a pickaxe(any material should work). Reverse Recipes Currently NOT in Creative!!! Magic Power Diamond The Magic Power Diamond with incredible capabilities. It holds an immense amount of magical energies inside. Unfortunately, there are no, known uses for this incredible object...yet. World Stuff: Bright Biome The biome where it never gets dark. This is a low level biome with few mountains. As of right now this biome has no grass, flowers, shrubs, or any other small plants. The tope layer of the biome is made of Bright Grass. A block very similar to grass, except for it's color (Bright Grass being yellow, much like the leaves of the bright trees) and it puts off light. The Bright grass will spread onto dirt like regular grass. It will not spread over grass, but it does have a distinct advantage over grass in that it makes it's own light. Dispite the light value, hostile mobs wills till spawn in the bright biome at night. This is a bug that I will hopefully be able to fix. Bright Trees The Brightwood Trees spawn in the Bright Biome at a rate of about 1 per 10 chunks. Both the wood and the leaves of the tree emit light. At the moment, both the trunk of the tree and the leaves can be harvested by hand, allowing the leaves to be used as a very cheap light source. Here is a picture of a naturally spawned brightwood tree. Surrently the leaves from the tree have no use, and there is no spaling for the Bright Tree, but there will, in the future, be some form of sustainablility. For bright wood tools, see the tools section above. [/spoiler] Installation:
  • 1. You must install Mincraft Forge. It will have Forge Mod Loader (FML) bundled with it.
  • 2. Simply drag into your "mods" folder..
Changelogs: v1.13.8
  • Fixed Many Bugs
  • Updated to MC 1.6.2
  • Known Bug: Glass spears when thrown hurt you; spear gun is not functional
For 1.6.2
For 1.5.1
For 1.4.7/1.4.6
For 1.4.5
Credits: Eyowin

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