Cyprezz Mod - Download Mods 1.16.5,1.15.2

Cyprezz Mod - Download Mods 1.16.5,1.15.2

Cyprezz Mod for Minecraft will help you have a whole new experience in Minecraft with a series of new weapons, armors and tools.


  • Cyprezz Mob
  • Exploding swords (4 different types)
  • PlanetMinecraft Cape (makes you immune to exploding sword damage)
  • Replica Cyprezz armour (yes you can wear it)
  • PlanetMinecraft Badge


PlanetMinecraft Badge PlanetMinecraft Cape Cyprezz's Helmet Cyprezz's Chestplate Cyprezz's Legplates Chestplate and Cape - Shapeless Recipe Cyprezz Spawn Block Iron Cyprezz Sword [explosion 1] - Shapeless Recipe Gold Cyprezz Sword [explosion 2] - Shapeless Recipe Diamond Cyprezz Sword [explosion 3] - Shapeless Recipe Emerald Cyprezz Sword [explosion 4] - Shapeless Recipe

Armour and Cape

Full Armour Cape Cape and Armour Placed Spawn Cyprezz Block For 1.4.7/1.4.6
For 1.4.5
(Youtube Channel)

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